Virus Removal Services in Charlotte

Is your PC experiencing frequent crashes, freezing, slow performance issues, or other error messages?

If so, your device could be infected with a virus or malware. Some viruses’ can be so severe that a full erase and installation of the hard drive and operating system is required.

If you think your Mac or PC is infected with a malicious virus or something doesn't seem right with your device, please bring your Desktop, Laptop, or Mac to CyberMax Screens in Charlotte. We are experts at servicing all computer models!



Starting at: $79

Laptop showing error messege

Top Rated Virus Removal Technicians in Charlotte, NC

Our top rated technicians has experience in virus removal and cleanup services including:

  • Malware

  • Computer Virus

  • Ransomware

  • Trojan

  • Spyware

  • Guaranteed PC Malware Removal Services

Other Reasons to Use CyberMax Computer Virus Removal Services

you can count on CyberMax Screens highly trained, efficient, and certified technicians to deliver the best repair quality and affordable pricing so your computer or laptop is running like new again. All our computer repair estimates include all parts and labor and backed by 90 Day warranty and our price match guarantee.

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CyberMax Screens - Charlotte is here to help with all of your computer and laptop repair service needs. Our certified technicians have experience repairing computers and laptops and MacBooks of all makes and models and are happy to help you with a repair today! Request a free repair estimate today.