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iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte NC

CyberMax iPhone Repair Offer Same Day iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte, We Fix Broken iPhone Screens, Batteries, Back Glass, Charger Port & More.

iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte - CyberMax iPhone Repair
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How much will it cost to fix an iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 Repair Cost:

  • Screen & LCD Repair $74

  • Back Glass Repair $89

  • Battery Replacement $59

Visit CyberMax iPhone Repair in charlotte for quality service and reliable screen replacement. We have the best repair prices and the best quality compared to our competitors.

Call CyberMax iPhone Repair at (704) 644-5533 if you have any questions regarding your iPhone 11 Repair.



Store Hours:
10am to 6pm
Monday - Friday  
Closed Weekends

(704) 644-5533

What to Expect when you visit CyberMax iPhone Repair Experts

✔ Free Diagnostics
✔ Same-Day Fast & Reliable Services
✔ Affordable iPhone Screens 
✔ 90 Days Warranty Included
✔ Top Quality Parts 
✔ 17+ Years of Experience

iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte - CyberMax Screens

iPhone 11 repair services 

Our Certified iPhone Repair Technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to identify your iPhone problem and the appropriate ways to fix it. From there, our phone repair experts get to work, with most iPhone repairs completed in less than 30 Minutes.


it only takes one small accident to break your iPhone screen, and when it happens, we’ll be there to fix it. Whatever the model of your iPhone 11 mobile device is! we'll fix it using high-quality screen repairs and replacements. 



From hardware issues to charging problems, there is a couple of reasons why your iPhone mobile device may be unable to turn on. We offer a fast and effective process to determine the issues and all free of charge. Visit CyberMax iPhone Repair in charlotte today.


iPhone Accidents happen but it can be frustrating when they happen to your iPhone 11. That’s when we can help: if you drop your mobile phone and break the screen, Visit CyberMax iPhone Repair near you, and our phone experts can provide you with a high-quality iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement or iPhone 11 repair, at an affordable price. Don’t let a broken or damaged screen ruin your day. Come in and let our experts fix it today.


There are many reasons why your iPhone may run sluggishly, including outdated software, malware, and resource-draining apps. Stop by our store today and we will help speed up your device.  


If your iPhone charging port is malfunctioning, we can replace it for an affordable price. Whether it needs repair or replacement, we’ve got you covered. Come see us today for a quick diagnostic. 

Why Trust CyberMax iPhone Repair for iPhone 11 repairs?


CyberMax iPhone repair experts will repair your iPhone 11 mobile devices using the best parts for the job. This way we can provide our customers with top quality and reliable repairs guarantee. We’re always on top of the latest new Apple phones when they’re released, so we can yours fixed right away. Just bring it to the experts at CyberMax iPhone Repair in Charlotte.


When you visit CyberMax iPhone Repair for iPhone repairs you can rest assured your repair will be performed at the hights quality standard and completed by certified professionals, on top of that all our repairs include a 90 days hassle-free warranty for peace of mind after your repair. 



No other iPhone 11 repair team has more thorough training and certification process. That’s why our experts are the best in the industry. Whether we're fixing your iPhone 11 mobile device's speaker or replacing your screen or battery, we’ll get it back up and running properly.

Fast iPhone Repair Service Near You

When your iPhone breaks, we fix it. Just stop by CyberMax iPhone Repair stores, and our phone repair experts will take it from there. 

Professional Service

Expert professional ready to help

Same Day Service

Quick Repairs

Most repairs are completed in 30 Minutes or less

Cybermax Screen - iPhone repair in Charlotte Store front.jpg
Diagnostic Test Before Repair

Pro Diagnostic Test

Can't find the issue? We’ll figure it out.

Affordable Repairs

Low Prices

We match any local competitor’s price on same repair and part.

iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte, we fix screens, batteries, charging ports, and more.

Your iPhone 11 smartphone keeps you connected in a busy daily life, and when it stops working or the screen is broken, we know how frustrating that can be. Visit CyberMax iPhone Repair.

Our iPhone 11 Repair in Charlotte can help get your phone up and running in as little as 20 minutes. whether you need a screen repair or a battery replacement. Our experts are trained to fix iPhone 11 using only top-quality parts at the best price in charlotte.

What can we fix for you today? 

Whatever the issue is on your device, our repair experts can help get you back up and running in no time. Find more about our other repair services below. 
 iPhone Repair in Charlotte nc - CyberMax Screens

Our iPhone repair technicians can fix any iPhone issues. Whether you need a repair on the latest iPhone or need help with an older model iPhone, our experts can fix your iPhone issues in no time. Best yet! most repairs are completed in under an hour. Stop by our store for a free diagnostic today.

iPhone Back Glass repair in Charlotte nc - CyberMax Screens

Is your iPhone back glass broken or are you looking for an iphone back glass repair shop? Our iPhone repair expert fix iphone back glass on any iphone model with top-quality parts at the best price in charlotte NC.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Charlotte nc - CyberMax Screens

Is your iPhone battery not holding a charge and need help with your iPhone battery? Our iPhone repair expert can fix any defective battery, using top-quality parts at the best price in charlotte.

iphone Screen Repair in Charlotte nc - CyberMax Screens

If your iPhone screen is cracked or the touch screen is not working, it’s time to look into an iPhone screen repair place in Charlotte, NC. We offer affordable iPhone screen repair services for any iPhone model and fixed in under 20 minutes. 

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