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iPhone 15 Repair Services 

iPhone 15 Repair Services in Charlotte, NC, We Fix iPhone 15 Screen, Batteries, Back Glass, Charger Port, and more.

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8505 Lawyers Rd A,
Charlotte, NC 28227

(704) 644-5533


Why Choose CyberMax For iPhone 15 Repairs?

Expert professional ready to help

Quick Repairs

Most repairs are completed in 30 Minutes or less

Free Diagnostic

Can't find the issue? We’ll figure it out.

Low Prices

We match any local competitor’s price on same repair and part.

Your Devices. Fixed

Trusted Repairs for Your mobile phone. Here are some of the issues we can help fixing:

Cracked Screens

We repair your device in minutes

Low Battery Life

Our Technicians will meke sure your device is working all day.

Charging Issues

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Broken Device

Our experts will fix your tech and get you back running in no time

iPhone 15 Repair Services 

CyberMax iPhone & Repairs Certified iPhone Repair Technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to identify your iPhone problem and the appropriate ways to fix it. From there, our phone repair experts get to work, with most iPhone repairs completed in less than 30 Minutes.


it only takes one small accident to break your iPhone screen, and when it happens, we’ll be there to fix it. Whatever the model of your iPhone 15 mobile device is! we'll fix it using high-quality screen repairs and replacements. 



From hardware issues to charging problems, there are a couple of reasons why your iPhone mobile device may be unable to turn on. We offer a fast and effective process to determine the issues all free of charge. Visit CyberMax Screens in Charlotte today.


iPhone Accidents happen but it can be frustrating when they happen to your iPhone 15. That’s when we can help: if you drop your mobile phone and break the screen, Visit CyberMax iPhone & Repairs near you, and our phone experts can provide you with a high-quality iPhone 15 screen replacement or iPhone 15 repair, at an affordable price. Don’t let a broken or damaged screen ruin your day. Come in and let our experts fix it today. 


There are many reasons why your iPhone may run sluggishly, including outdated software, malware, and resource-draining apps. Stop by our store today and we will help speed up your device.  


If your iPhone charging port is malfunctioning, we can replace it for an affordable price. Whether it needs repair or replacement, we’ve got you covered. Come see us today for a quick diagnostic.



If your iPhone battery is not holding a charge, we can replace your iPhone battery quickly and affordably. Whether it needs repair or replacement, we’ve got you covered. Come see us today for a quick diagnostic.

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